Josef Ajram


My name is Josef Ajram Tares; I was born in Barcelona on April 5th, 1978, of a Syrian father and Spanish mother. I owe my innitiation with the bike to my grandfather of my father side. I like a few things but with intensity, including the stock market, sports and travelling.


You could say I’m a fortunate guy but this is not necessarily associated to luck, I trust more in discipline and on the calculation that chance.

The key

The secret of my fortune is that I knew from an early age what I wanted to do and what not. I did not like to study so I quit as soon as I could. I liked numbers and I found a place on the stock market where numbers dance to their own rythm and I’ve been there for almost a decade now. My other passion is sport which I practice since I was a little child.

Between two worlds

In the stock market I’m a day trader, pure frenzy and adrenaline. In sports, I’m up for the most demanding challenges. They are two opposite worlds where I live extreme sensations that demand consistency, dynamism and calculation to measure possibilities and skills.


I’m obsessive, when I am passionate about something, I’m the best. I try to follow my formula to the letter: eight hours to sleep, eight hours of work and the eight remaining hours for myself.

Life Trader

Where is the limit? I take risks every day, with ambitions and goals. We must use up all resources to make dreams come true. Conformity is a trap where we should not fall. My philosophy is not to win but to feel good about my performance. I enjoy more with the work-out than with the actual competitions. I like challenges. Fighting against the clock does not appeal to me.

Social Media

It’s necessary to communicate each challenge and every action that happen in my day to day. It is very important that people are connected to me and the possibility to interact with them. I started my blog in 2006 and I now have more than 254,000 followers on Twitter (@josefajram), 1,100,000 fans on Facebook, 160,000 on Instagram and 47.608 on Youtube. My blog has managed to increase to 110,000 monthly visits. The key is loyalty and care fans one by one.

Sources of inspiration

I admire KilianJornet (mountain race), Marcel Zamora (winner of the Ironman in Nice), Julian Sanz (ultradistance bike riders), and Serge Girard, as he has raced around the world making money from Paris to Tokyo.

Sporting Achievements

  • Finisher NYC marathon 2017 (3h03min)
  • Finisher Cape Epic 2017
  • Finisher vuelta Ibiza 2017
  • 2 posición fat bike, p18 general Titan desert 2017
  • Segundo puesto mixto Etapa 3 Vuelta Ibiza 2016
  • Tercer puesto mixto Etapa 3 Andalucía Bike Race 2016
  • Finisher Costa Blanca Bike Race 2016
  • P12 Titan Tropic 2015
  • Finisher Ultramaratón Transvulcania (2015)
  • Finisher ABSA Cape Epic (2015)
  • Finisher Andalucía Bike Race (2015)
  • Finisher Snow Epic (2015)
  • Finisher ABSA Cape Epic (2014)
  • Finisher Andalucía Bike Race (2014)
  • Finisher Ironman El Hierro (2013)
  • Finisher de la Trailwalker Intermon Oxfam. 100 km de run en menos de 11 horas. (2013)
  • Finisher Ironman La Gomera (2012)
  • Finisher Ironman El Hierro (2012)
  • Ganador Titan Desert 2012 en la categoría dúo mixto con Ariadna Tudel
  • 5 posición parejas mixtas de la Andalucía Bike Race (2012)
  • Finisher desafío #7mountains, 48km run por nieve 4.400 metros de desnivel positivo, 5h15 minutos
  • Finisher EPIC5 (5 ironmans, 5 days, 5 hawaiian islands) 19km swim + 900km bike + 210km run: 59h50 minutes
  • 3a posicion etapa2 Tantauco exploration race
  • 4a posición por equipos Garmin Triathlon
  • Finisher Tour Everis: 3.850km, 23 etapas, 33.500 metros de desnivel positivo acumulado
  • Campeón de España de Raids 2010, equipo BUFF Thermocool
  • Finisher Titan Desert 2010, primer participante en finalizarla con Single Speed
  • Finisher Marathon des Sables 2010, 4 posición por equipos, equipo Where is the limit? y 64 de la general
  • Finisher Transalpine Gore-Tex 2009
  • 1st Spaniard finish Ultraman Canada and Ultraman Hawaii
  • 3th place Ultraman Canada (2009)
  • 1st place stage 1 Ultraman Canada (2009)
  • 1st place stage 2 Ultraman Canada (2009)
  • 9th place 24 hours (454km +10.000 meters ascent) cycling Barcelona. Leading the race
  • till hour 17, finish at this time for stomachal problems. (2009)
  • 9th place Titan desert Mountain bike marathon (2009)
  • 7th place Ultraman world championship (2008), 2nd best bike section and fifth best time ever in stage 2
  • 7th place Ultraman world championship (2007), 3th best bike section
  • 2th place Titan desert Mountain Bike Marathon (2006)
  • 3th place Xterra Spain (2007)
  • Finisher Ironman Germany (2007)
  • Finisher Ironman Switzerland (2006)
  • Finisher Ironman Western Australia (2006)
  • Finisher Ironman South Korea (2007) 25th best time on the bike
  • Finisher Ironman Austria (2004)
  • Finisher Marathon des sables 2006 (60th) 3th Spanish
  • Finisher Marathon des sables 2008 (24th) 3th Spanish
  • Finisher Great wall marathon (15th)
  • Paris-Roubaix (8h45 min)
  • Quebrantahuesos (6h20min)
  • Finisher Lisboa-Andorra Team relay bike riding (40 hours)
  • Start line Ironman Lanzarote 2007, DNF at the end of bike course
  • Start line in MDS 2009, DNF at stage 3 of 4. Position at this time 46.
  • Abandono por lesión en la etapa 6/8 de la Transalpine run después de haber corrido 200km en 5 etapas